About us

The One Democratic State Campaign is a Palestinian-led initiative that calls for the end of the colonial Zionist regime and strives for the establishment of a single democratic state in historic Palestine, based on political, social, economic and cultural justice, in which Palestinians and Israeli Jews live in equality.

The One Democratic State Campaign (ODSC) was launched by Palestinian and Israeli Jewish activists, intellectuals and academics in early 2018 in the city of Haifa. It aspires to cooperate and coordinate with individuals and groups, inside and outside historic Palestine, who seek to achieve liberation. We will work to transform our campaign into a broad popular movement, guided by a clear political program, a participatory and transparent grassroots organization, and an effective strategy for achieving our goal of a democratic state throughout historic Palestine, inclusive, in which the Palestinian refugees and their descendants return home.

Our campaign considers itself part of the global human liberation movement, including the progressive forces of the Arab world fighting for a just regional and world order. 

Please endorse our 10-point program (which, of course, will evolve as our movement grows) and join our ranks.